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Rubber Grain Hose – 4″


Serving the following industries: Roofing, Commercial, Cleaning, Grain Handling, Shipyard, Sand Recovery, Dockside Unloading, Power Rodding & Sewage Cleaning, Plant Waste Management, Insulation Lightweight. Hose is up to 50% lighter than a conventional rubber hose, so it's easier to handle and less expensive to transport. Outstanding abrasion resistance. Longer lasting than conventional rubber hose inside and out. Initial cost is low, and Kanaflex is almost maintenance-free, to save you money in the long run. Flexibility lends itself to working in tight spaces. Easy handling even in large I.D.'s. Kanaflex is highly resistant to temperature changes and deterioration by sun, ozone or mildew. Combined with smooth bending characteristics, makes for the fastest, most efficient transfer of materials. Static dissipating… needs no groundwire, no electrical shocks (arching) — no clogging in most applications. (Please consult us at Dunrite for specific applications).

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