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Phosfume Fumigant

Fumigate For All Stages of Grain Insects. PhosFume works from the natural moisture in the air which wipes out all grain insects and rodents. Application: For Pellets: 120 to 900 pellets per 1,000 bushels. For Tablets: 25 to 180 tablets per 1,000 bushels. Fumigate: Storage Bins, Elevators, Terminals, Warehouses, Box Cars, Barges. DO NOT Fumigate below 40 degrees F. Works On: Raw Agricultural Commodities, Animal Feeds, Non-Food Commodities (Tobacco) Packaging: Pellets = 1,660 pellets per flasks (21 x 1). Tablets = 500 tablets per flasks (14 x 1).

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